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18k Gold and Iolite Earrings

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Designer: unknown

Made year: unknown

Origin: northern Europe

Dimensions: lolite dia. 8 mm, lt. 36 mm, wt. 3,5 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

These 18 karat drop earrings are adorned with cabochon cut iolite stones. Each iolite stone has a beautiful violet colour which plays perfectly with the golden colour of the bars. To keep the earrings in place hooks are used. 

The earrings have a long and slim silhouette and a length which make them a perfect fit in all contexts, at the office as well as the dinner party.

Iolite is a beautiful gemstone that looks blue when you look at it from one angle and can appear clear or yellow from another. It is often called the "water sapphire" because of its deep blue color that reminds people of the ocean.

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