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Silver Necklace by Claës Giertta Made Year 1968

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Designer: Claës Giertta (1926-2007)

Made year: 1968

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Dimensions: inner dia. 11,5 cm, inner circumference 35 cm, front slivers ht. 2,8-1,8 cm, 115 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This silver necklace features a series of meticulously crafted, overlapping slivers that create a robust and textured appearance. Each sliver is individually hammered and shaped, adding a unique and artisanal quality to the piece. The segments are connected in a way that allows the necklace to lay smoothly and comfortably around the neck, with a slight curve to fit the natural contour of the wearer's collarbone.

The design of the necklace evokes a sense of historical craftsmanship, reminiscent of jewelry that could have been worn during the Viking Age. Its sturdy and bold aesthetic, combined with the hammered finish, gives it an ancient yet timeless look, making it a statement piece that bridges the past and the present.

Did you know that Claës Giertta, in 1969, designed the Swedish music industry’s newly established Swedish Grammy trophy, which is equivalent to the United States Grammy? The Giertta design of the Swedish Grammy trophy was used until 2007.

If you want to read more about Claës Giertta, please click here.

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