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Avant-Garde Silver Headdress

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Designer: Carl Martenz

Made year: 2020

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Dimensions: wt. 46 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This sterling silver headdress features a minimalist and avant-garde design, consisting of thin, metal wire-like elements that create a fluid, abstract shape. The surface of the silver is textured, with deliberate irregularities and a rugged finish that gives it a handcrafted appeal. It is designed to be worn around the head, with two curved protrusions framing the face, resting above the forehead or along the sides of the head. The structure of the headdress is open and airy, adding a modern, artistic statement rather than serving as traditional adornment.

This headdress is ideal for high-fashion events or creative gatherings where bold, sculptural accessories are celebrated as expressions of individual style. Wearing this headdress will not only turn heads but also probably make you feel like the coolest, most cutting-edge person in the room.

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