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18k Gold and Amethyst Ring by Robbert Made Year 1969

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Designer: Eric Robbert for Silversmedjan Trosa Kvarn

Made year: 1969

Origin: Trosa, Sweden

Dimensions: inner dia. 16 mm, amethyst dia. 15 mm, wt. 18 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This 18 karat gold ring from 1969 is crowned with a striking amethyst, exuding classic cocktail ring grandeur. The stone's purple hue is captivating, set within a beautifully patterned mount that catches the light. The band's form is solid, with an embellished setting that echoes Egyptian symbols, offering a distinct texture that contrasts elegantly with the amethyst's smoothness.

Consider wearing this cocktail ring with a pair of high-waisted palazzo pants and a fitted gold-tone top to mirror the ring's Egyptian-symbol-like pattern.

Did you know that the TROSA MILL, a long-abandoned watermill, found new life in the 60s when it was acquired by silversmith Eric Robbert and his wife Inger? They transformed the old machinery space into the bustling TROSA MILL SILVERSMITHY. It was here that Eric, alongside his team, crafted their trade, producing not only gold and silver jewelry but also pieces in bronze and iron, alongside bespoke silver items for individuals and church commissions.

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