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Antique 18k Gold and Citrine Ring Made Year 1833

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Maker: unknown

Made year: 1833

Origin: Sweden

Dimensions: wd./lt. citrine 17/24 mm, wt. 14,5 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This ring boasts an 18 karat gold setting with a large, oval-shaped citrine stone as its centerpiece. The citrine is faceted, giving it a multi-dimensional surface that catches and reflects light. The gold that encases the citrine is textured, featuring intricate patterns that add depth and complexity to the design. The setting has a robust and ornate feel, with a vintage charm highlighted by the detailed craftsmanship.

This ring would complement an evening gown in a rich, emerald green, accentuating the warm yellow tones of the citrine and the golden hues of the 18 karat setting.

The jewelry piece's overall appearance is one of classic luxury, with the warm gold complementing the soft yellow of the citrine. The versatile design of this jewelry allows it to be worn as both a statement ring and a sophisticated pendant, seamlessly transitioning to match the occasion and outfit.

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