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Antique Lava Rock Bracelet

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Designer: unknown

Made year: around the turn of the century 1900

Origin: unkown

Dimensions: inner circumference 17,5 cm, ht./wd. lava rocks 2,9/2,3 mm, wt. 34 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This bracelet is a classic piece of jewelry with a historical feel, featuring oval-shaped lava rock carvings. Each segment showcases a woman's profile in relief, with intricate details that give the faces a lifelike appearance. The lava rock comes in varying shades of beige, grey and red-brown, set in a frame that is gilded with a low content of gold, adding a subtle shimmer. The design evokes a sense of antiquity, reminiscent of artifacts from ancient times.

Pair this bracelet with a pair of crisp white linen pants and tan gladiator sandals for a fresh, modern look that pays homage to its ancient roots.

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