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Vintage 18k Gold Ring with a Cabochon Cut Lapis-Lazuli Stone Made Year 1972

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Maker: Bernt Högkvist

Made year: 1972

Origin: Sweden

Dimensions: 15,5 mm, lapis-lazuli wd./lt. 13/17 mm, wt. 13 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This ring is crafted from 18 karat gold and features an oval-shaped blue lapis-lazuli stone with a cabochon cut, which gives it a polished, rounded surface. The stone is set in a rich golden bezel that highlights its deep blue colour. The band of the ring is unique, with a square shape that stands out against the traditional round bands. On each side of the stone, atop the ring's shoulders, there are small clusters of golden grapes, adding a decorative and luxurious touch.

When worn on the hand, the ring has a noticeable presence due to its size and the vibrant contrast between the gold and the blue stone. The square shank provides a distinctive edge that complements the hand's natural lines, making it a bold and elegant statement piece.

The rich blue hue of the lapis-lazuli stone on this ring would match with a navy blue silk blouse and tailored cream trousers, creating a sophisticated ensemble ideal for a professional setting or a formal luncheon.

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