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18k Gold Cocktail Ring with Rocaille Pattern and a Large Two-coloured Tourmaline Made in the 1990s

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Designer: Kristina Karlsson (d. year 2000)

Made year: 1990s

Origin: unknown

Dimensions: dia. 16,5 mm, lt. 31 mm, wd. 25 mm, wt. 33 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

Embrace the artistry of golden eras past with this exquisite 18k gold ring, crowned with a majestic two-coloured tourmaline. 

The gold setting is not merely a holder for the stone but a masterpiece in itself, adorned with a beautiful rocaille pattern that harks back to the opulent designs of the Baroque period. The quality of the chiseling on this ring is nothing short of extraordinary, displaying meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to craftsmanship. 

This one-of-a-kind piece isn't just jewelry; it's wearable art that signifies elegance and sophistication. Wearing this ring is a statement — an embodiment of personal style that stands out in the sea of mass-produced jewelry.

Did you know that Kristina Karlsson was a fashion photographer with clients including Italian Vogue before she became a jewelry designer?

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