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Vintage Silver and Porphyry Ring by Carl Forsberg Made Year 1972

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Designer: Carl Forsberg

Made year: 1972

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

Dimensions: inner dia. 18 mm, wd./lt. Porphyry 25/41 mm, wt. 35,4 gm

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

This magnificent ring encapsulates the essence of Forsberg's craftsmanship, merging sterling silver with the earthy allure of porphyry to fashion a truly unique and captivating adornment. The ring has a distinctive elevated setting with its large, flat black stone resting on a horizontal bar, which is connected to the band by a small golden globe, adding an elegant detail to the minimalist design.

The hexagonal shape of the ring exudes a sense of precision and geometric elegance. The cool, lustrous surface of the sterling silver complements the rich, speckled tones of the porphyry, creating a harmonious balance between metal and stone.

This ring's bold and modern design makes it suitable for wearing to special events or as a statement piece for an evening out.

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