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Art Deco style Silver Necklace with a Latin Cross Pendant by Wiwen Nilsson Made Year 1938

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Maker: Wiwen Nilsson (1897-1974)

Made year: 1938

Origin: Sweden

Condition: consistent with general wear and age

Dimensions: chain lt. 56 cm, pendant ht. 5,5 cm, wd. 3,3 mm, wt. 45 gm

This necklace is a superb example of Art Deco style elegance, showcasing the distinctive traits of Wiwen Nilsson's design ethos.

The pendant features a cross composed of square faceted cut rock crystals, set in sterling silver with meticulous geometric lines and clean cuts that echo the period's modern aesthetic. The metalwork is exquisite, with a brushed silver finish that gives the piece a contemporary edge, while the ring and bar chain is a nod to Nilsson's unique flair for combining functional elements with style.

Describing this necklace as anything less than wearable art would not do it justice. Its bold yet refined design lends an air of sophistication to any ensemble, whether it’s complementing a sleek business attire or serving as the centerpiece at a chic social gathering.

And a bit of history to adorn the conversation: Wiwen Nilsson wasn’t just a trailblazer in design; he revolutionized the fashion world in the 1930s by transforming the cross into a stylish and coveted jewelry item.

If you want to read more about Wiwen Nilsson, please click here.

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